Apex Janitorial OffersTop Notch Floor Stripping Services

Have you ever thought of having that dingy tiled flooring in your commercial property changed but did not know who to call to perform this service? If you have commercial property in the Port Charlotte, FL area, you can call us at Apex Janitorial! Our company, Apex Janitorial, provides this service along with other commercial cleaning services to customers in the above mentioned areas.

We have the knowledge and the manpower to get that old, dingy, worn out tiled flooring removed in as little time as possible, without much disruption to your daily routine. You see, our team of professionals in the cleaning business know how to strip a floor, and work diligently to get the job done.

We are extremely precise when we do the job. The area is cordoned off, barrier mats are applied to the outer area and then we apply super concentrated commercial stripping solution to the floor area that is going to be stripped. Our team members also wear the appropriate safety clothing when performing this task. We used a high powered buffer that we equip with the proper equipment to do the job.

Our team of professional commercial cleaners  then go through the process of stripping the floor. They also will clean the baseboards. Told you that they were very thorough! Several processes and rinses are then done until the floor tile is down to the finish. A neutralizer is also applied. Afterwards the floor is dried. Once this task is done, our professionals will then apply floor finish. The end result is that all the years of wax build up has been removed, and the old, dingy, yellowed flooring tile, now looks brand spanking new!

No doubt about it, the task is very time consuming but Apex Janitorial is very proficient at stripping floor tiles. You will be amazing about the final outcome. If you have commercial property in the Port Charlotte FL area that is in need of a facelift, call us at Apex Janitorial. We would be glad to get your floor back to the beauty and splendor of looking like flooring tile that has just been installed.


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